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BRAINSTORM is a customer-oriented organization with a clear vision of audiovisual issues. Our company is characterized by its innovative nature. We focus on making complex processes and workplace equipment accessible to every user.

(Digital) Transformation

For organizations to succeed, it’s essential to plan for and embrace future developments, especially with the acceleration of digital transformation and the need for sustainability. Such processes result in difficult choices that organizations face, but with a clear vision and healthy ambition, it’s possible to remain resilient and relevant.

Realizing your aspirations and future-proofing necessitates the translation of detailed insights into distinct actions. It’s essential to manage for the future by taking actions today. Our team, comprising specialists and experts with experience in both thinking and implementation, has the strategic insight and practical acquaintance to decipher complex challenges and provide relevant insights.

We are enabled by advanced technology as we remain committed to shaping (digital) transformation and sustainability. We support forward-thinking organizations with the right insights, distinct actions, and solutions that lead to sustainable achievements, helping them to shape the future today.

BRAINSTORM Digital table
BRAINSTORM Digital transformation
BRAINSTORM meeting boardroom
BRAINSTORM meetingroom

Workplace Architect

As part of our consultancy services, we conduct a thorough analysis of your organization to better comprehend your operational methodologies and space requirements. This allows us to tap into our custom-built AV technology, fine tune it, and optimize your workflow processes.

What sets BRAINSTORM apart from competitors is our approach. We place immense value on forging long-lasting, dependable relationships with our clients instead of emphasizing product or sales. Our solutions and workflows always reflect your brand’s personality, further enabling superior performance and customer satisfaction.

We provide unbiased advice and design systems that serve your current business objectives while being cognizant of your long-term goals. We consider your future growth and ensure everything is fit for purpose.


Solutions for your Workspace!

Our technology solutions are designed to enhance productivity, engagement, and efficiency within various workspaces. We enable people to work in the manner that suits them best, by providing them with the necessary tools.

We offer a range of options, from customisable experiences to cost-effective specialised solutions, to ensure that the resources required for a great workspace experience are readily available.

At BRAINSTORM, we view technology not just as a tool, but as an extension of everyday work life. By combining smart software solutions with clever integration, we create tailor-made working environments that meet the unique needs of our users and customers.

BRAINSTORM boardroom
Perfect sound & clear vision
Stunning audio quality and razor-sharp video
In room experience
The meeting space is built around remote people, and not the other way around.
Just one click away to start your meeting
Clean desks
No cables visible

Our work

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.


Mediahuis nv, in their pursuit of adapting to the new way of working, partnered with workplace consulting firm BRAINSTORM and industry leader Logitech.


For some time, Groep Verelst has been focusing on digitalization of both their processes and the layout of their offices. BRAINSTORM provided the strong foundations for Group Verelst to continue building their future.


Through several workshops and careful analysis, we created a standardized work environment that inspires creativity and provides both employees and customers with #modern, flexible options. The simplicity of management, #ease-of-use, and #inclusiveness were key priorities in our design.

Our Clients


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